Sunday, April 10, 2011

March 14th, 2011 - Ten Months Old

How can I have a baby who is TEN months old already?

It actually makes me sad:(  I know some parents love when their kids grow up, but I honestly miss my little bitty baby.  Do I have baby fever already?  No, I couldn't possibly!  I think I just realize that he has been "out" for the same amount of time that he was "in".  He was in my tummy for this long and now he has been out in this big world for TEN WHOLE MONTHS!  Ahhhhhhh!

I have come to terms with the fact that I can't totally protect him from everything and he has to cry sometimes and he is going to do everything on his own time.  But, that doesn't mean I miss my little baby who slept in his swing so peacefully, who loved to be swaddled, who couldn't crawl away from me to get to the dog food!

So, ten months, what do you do with a ten month old baby when you are a stay at home mom and it's too cold to go outside?  Well, here is what our little family did....

3-14: We shopped at Home Depot to make a new "for sale" sign for our yard

3-16: We shopped at Bed Bath & Beyond, came out with nothing, but I've been searching for the "perfect" bedding....someday, it will be mine!

3-16: We ate lunch at Red Robin and gave Dallas static hair from one of their balloons
3-17: Dallas took lots of baths and learned where the water comes from!  (We call it Faucet Falls, thanks to a book Dallas has about taking a bath.)

3-17: Still in the tub...

3-17: ...still in the tub:)

3-22: Dallas had a bottle, or two, or twelve, with crossed ankles, and no shirt (this is the redneck way)

3-22: Dallas shared a teething ring with Daddy

3-23: Daddy put Wasabi under a blanket where he likes to be and Dallas thought it was pretty funny

March 31st, Dallas also got his 3rd tooth, the top left, he loves to grind his teeth and it makes me cringe!!
(I wish I could get the tooth on camera!)

So, that was our month, we hope you had a great month as well!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A few more fun things while he was 9 months old:)

Being nine months is SO much fun, here are a few more ways Dallas spent his time!

March 9th, trying to peek around the camera at mama:)

March 11th, taking the first walk of the year

March 11th, grocery shopping with mama and daddy, he likes the produce

March 11th, still grocery shopping!

March 11th (boy that was a busy day!), admiring the watermelon we bought, he might like watermelon as much as his mom!

That's a fun way to spend the month.

Taking 9 month pictures of Dallas, well, TRYING at least!

So, it didn't go the greatest.  But here are the pictures I got on February 23rd...I didn't want to spend a lot of money going to get professional pictures taken since I knew we would be doing that for his 1 year photos, so I tried to set up a make-shift area to snap some photos of our little man.  He was a little curious, and a lot of a busy body, so I didn't get amazing shots.

Enjoy and go ahead and laugh at my attemps!