About Me

Thanks so much for stopping by my little slice of the Internet.  I'm happy you are here and I look forward to meeting new people through this blog, so please introduce yourself.  I started writing this a few years ago and then stopped.  A little part of me always missed it, so January 1st, 2014 I decided to start again.  I hope you'll grab a cup of coffee or tea and a cozy blanket and read along!

So, since I know you are dying to know more about me, let me get on with it.  I am a 29 year old stay at home mom to two amazing boys and two super sassy Chihuahua pups named Gabbana and Wasabi.  I am the wife to a handsome, handy guy named Michael.  I started staying home in April of 2010 just before our first son was born and have been here every single day since.  I would not change it for the world.  I know it's not for everyone, but it was always something I hoped I would be able to do and here I am.  I look forward to working again someday, but not any time soon.  I don't want to rush into anything!  And now, onto the "online dating" style section of this introduction:

Likes: crafting, organizing, reading blogs, finishing tasks so I can cross them off a list, list making, boating, planning parties, 5k's and novelty runs, decorating, pinning on Pinterest, completing pins with my own twist, coffee, rain during summer, seeing new projects my kids do at "school", exercising, meeting new people, watching my kids grow, warm weather, spending time with my family, traveling, accomplishing goals, the beach (hand down my favorite place ever), shopping, playing board games, going to Northern Wisconsin in the summer, glittery things, watching my husband play with my sons, pedicures, surprises and writing!

Dislikes: being negative (I'm only listing these things here because I want you to know me and I'm being honest) twitter, flying, waiting in lines, winter, snow, cold weather, ice storms in Oklahoma, buffet restaurants, balancing the checkbook, emptying the dishwasher, learning my DSLR camera, painting, asking for help and death (every single thing about it).

Now, more about my little family.

Dallas is my oldest and he is the sweetest, most caring kid I know. He is super smart and reminds me each day what life is really about; having fun, learning and thinking about others before we think about ourselves. When someone is sad, he gets sad too.  When someone is laughing, he smiles along with them.  If there is a question to be asked, he has the answer.  If there is something out of place, he puts it where it goes.  He loves to run around anywhere he can, watch movies, go to the zoo, snack (because eating a full meal rarely happens if you are Dallas), to learn, play board games, play outside, do any activity with water and play with his little brother.

Which brings me to Liam, my youngest.  He is so silly.  I promise one day he will be elected class clown and I'm okay with that, as long as he is also class president!  He is very rough and tough, just the way his dad wants him to be and a little more than I would prefer.  He loves to eat, play with toys that he can stack, climb on anything and everything, get into his big brother's toys, watch football, go outside, take baths, tease our dogs, and once in a while (not often enough for me) cuddle.

And finally, Michael, he works SO hard to provide for our family and I don't think he knows how much I appreciate him.  I'm not sure there are many people who would be able to do what he does and stay sane. We are lucky enough that when he is not working, he gets to be home 100% of the time. Although his schedule can be crazy, it keeps us on our toes and it is the reason I have become a little more laid back over the years.  My husband is *mostly* a southern gentleman who was raised in Oklahoma by one of the most caring women I know and one of the closest men I'll come to a real cowboy.  He learned from his mom what it is to take care of others and give the shirt off his back.  And his dad taught him how to be as tough as nails. He would stop to help a stranger (and has on numerous occasions) and he will always be there when someone asks him for help.  He loves everything about football and I know he is so looking forward to the days our boys play sports.

Again, thanks for stopping by my blog!