Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Grandparent's Day Gift Idea

Grandparent's Day is coming up on September 7th and in case you didn't know/weren't prepared/have no clue what to do, I'm here to help!

This project started in June before Father's Day. I wanted to find something meaningful and special that my husband could hang on the wall in his "man cave". And by man cave I mean a sliver of the basement where he keeps some items that mean something to him. The rest of the space if filled with toys for the boys, but he does have a small area to himself. So, I looked around on Pinterest and found this.

I sat down with my four year old and asked him the questions.  I printed the "form" out and hand wrote the answers.  One day my son will write his own responses, but until he learns how to write a little bit smaller I'll happily write whatever he tells me.  I grabbed a cute, manly frame from Target (because where else) and wrapped it up. I think my husband really liked it and it has some funny but true things on it.  A true keepsake.

Here's our finished product:

So, since both of my parents had birthdays this summer and my dad would also be celebrating Father's Day (he's a simple guy so we usually double up his Father's Day and birthday gifts) I figured this would be a good gift for them as well.  The only problem is that my parents go by GG and Poppy.  There are NO printables on Pinterest or with Poppy or GG in the title.  Who knew?

So I made our own.  If you know a Poppy or GG, feel free to use these.  I would just love for you to pin the image or comment below letting me know you used it and loved it.  As I said, these would be great for any occasion, but that Grandparent's Day is sneaking up on us and I'm sure this is the perfect way to show them how loved they are.