Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dallas' first month

Since we started this blog a little late, we're going to catch you up with a few posts about the last 11 weeks.
Dallas had a great first month. Enjoy this "picture story"...

5/16/10 - The day Dallas came home, here he is in his swing...he spent A LOT of time in that thing...I guess that's why the batteries were always dead and we ended up returning it for a swing that plugged into the wall, the things you learn!

5/16/10 - Dallas on his Cowboys blanket...he was also photographed on this blanket for his newborn pics

5/17/10 - First bath at home, he hates baths at this point, just like the nurses said he would!

5/17/10 - Wrapped in a comfy towel after his first bath

5/17/10 - (Mama looks tired) Wasabi getting close to Dallas for the first time:) Gabbana didn't attempt this until the next day:(

5/18/10 - And this is as close as Gabbana got to him...she was teaching him how to do Tummy Time...she's great at it and he liked it too!

5/18/10 - Dallas' first bottle, given by Daddy. From day one Michael has been a hands-on dad, he loves his little man! He even changed one of his first diapers, before Mama did!

5/21/10 - Dallas takes a trip down to West Bend to visit Grandma, Poppy, and a number of other people.

5/22/10 - Dallas attended his first cookout at Auntie Katie's house....boy he had a busy week!

5/24/10 - Sleeping on his boppy pillow (from cousin Heather)...he did a lot of this the first month, but not quite through the night yet, more on that later.

5/24/10 - Daddy put together Dallas' wagon, a gift from Poppy (notice Dallas helping so well)

5/28/10 - Dallas takes a trip Up North to Grandma and Jaimie's house in Irma, WI (2.5 hours away from Appleton) this was his first overnight trip and he did great.

5/29/10 - A little photo shoot up North, look how big that Nuk looks!

6/2/10 - Wasabi and Dallas spending a little time together. Dallas is wearing his first 2-piece outfit, other than that outfit he only fit in onesies.

6/2/10 - Gabbana and Dallas in the same pose:)
Dallas' eating habbits in the first month:
5/19/10 to 5/22/10: 2oz every 3 to 4 hours
5/23/10 to 6/6/10: 3oz every 3 to 4 hours
6/7/10: 4oz every 3 to 4 hours

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