Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dallas' Second Month

June 14th to July 14th was yet another busy month for our little man. 

Here are some highlights from the month:

*June 15th was the first time Dallas smiled, he had been smiling in his sleep for a couple weeks, but this was the first time he smiled while awake.  His gummy smile still melts mama's heart every time she sees it!

*June 22nd was the first time Dallas had a babysitter, Auntie Katie watched him while Mama and Daddy enjoyed a night out at Country USA in Oshkosh, WI.  This was the first time Mama was more than 15 minutes away from Dallas and she couldn't wait to get back to see him!

*June 23rd, Dallas got his brand new swing in the mail and Mama put it together right away so he could try it out.  He loved the new swing right away and spent a lot of time sleeping in there:)  It's a good thing this one plugs in to the wall.

*June 27th, we hosted a BBQ for Poppy's birthday/Father's Day celebration.

*July 4th was another weekend spent up North at Grandma and Jaimie's house in Irma, WI.  We were there from July 2nd to the 4th.  Michael help Jaimie roof the house while Alyssa, Mary, and Dallas relaxed in the air conditioning:)  (Oh, Dallas did attend his very first Craft Fair that weekend, but like any other man, he slept through it all!)

*July 8th through the 12th, "Uncle" Perry came to visit from Oklahoma.  This is the first visitor we had from OK since Dallas was born and we look forward to more family coming to visit....hint, hint!

*July 9th...Daddy has Dallas try out his Bumbo chair for the first went pretty well.

*July 12th, somebody found his tongue and thinks it's fun to play with, enjoy the video!  (Sorry about the TV in the background) 

**June 24th, 27th, and July shoots with Cousin Ella to get the perfect finally happened!!






Thinking it's kinda fun....

Thinking HE'S kinda funNY!


Shoot #1 - 6/24/10

Shoot #2 - 6/27/10

6/27/10 continued
(nice face Ella!)

6/27/10 continued
 7/7/10....finally a good one
Matching onesies courtesy of Auntie Katie

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