Monday, November 29, 2010

This week's highlights for our little man....

Watching TV with Daddy and tasting the remote! (on September 12th, 2010)

And exploring a new toy that mama waited and waited to get (on September 17th, 2010)

Trying to find his mouth....

Almost there...(it ended up in there eventually, and trust me, that remote gets sanitized often
just like the rest of the toys!)

Now, for the other exciting event...mama was probably more excited than Dallas:)

I saw this toy in Parents Magazine and thought it looked pretty cool.  I proceeded to call the website they were advertising the toy from and they were sold out and had a waiting list to get one shipped to you.  I tried and sadly saw the phrase "out of stock", sad baby mama. So, I decided to look on and low and behold, they had some available for shipping right away!! 
You better believe I had it ordered that very day. 

Why so adamant to get the toy, you may ask?  I just thought in Wisconsin playing with water only happens in the bath tub and outside, well for about 3 months anyway...see this post  about how we can't even swim at the local pool in the end of August!!

The toy also promotes tummy time, which we know strengthens the neck muscles!!

Can't you see the excitement in his face already??

Checking out the little boat floating in the water...

Posing for a picture

And another...I believe there is a picture very similar to this one of me (Alyssa) as a baby somewhere
and if I find it, I'll share it with you!

Gabbana checking out the toy or (licking Dallas's hand, whichever doesn't
gross you out if you aren't a dog lover)

Taking a break to get a kiss from Gabbana (if you are one of those non-dog-lovers, close your eyes!!)

I think he likes it

Now for a couple more pictures because this is one of mama's favorite outfits
and because he's maybe the cutest kid you've ever seen.... 
If you switch back and forth between these two, it might look like he's dancing!!

Finishing our photo shoot off with some baby toes, because who doesn't LOVE those???

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