Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monkey and The Bean Take a Dip!

August 29th was the first time Dallas attempted swimming, well it was more of sitting, in the pool.

Katie, Alyssa, Ella, and Dallas got all SPF'd up and headed out on a very hot August afternoon to the neighborhood pool...we walked.  Little did we know that ALL of the pools in Northern Wisconsin have their last public swim day on August 22.  August 22nd??  I know sometimes it snows in September, but what happened to the last week in August?

We were so disappointed, but decided...why not air up Ella's pool and swim in the comfort of
The Hoetschl's backyard?  Great idea.  Well, by the time we got back to the house, both babies were out cold, snoozing in their car seats.  The mom's decided to make the most of the quiet time and air up the pools, get towels ready and be prepared for when they wake up.  So, after wrestling with the air compressor for a while, because we were not about to blow the pool up ourselves, we got everything set up.  
*Note to self, learn how to use one of those before your husband leaves for work if you have ANY intention of possibly having to blow up a pool, bike tires, or anything else that takes "air" to work! 

And just in the nick of time..the babies were up and ready to cool off with us.
We had a great time just sitting and relaxing for quite a while, in fact I'm pretty sure we all had wrinkly toes when it was time for some lunch. 

PS: Diapers can hold A LOT of moisture...I'm pretty sure those things weighed as much as a small puppy when we got out of the water.

Raise your hand (or fist) if you want to go swimming!

Scream if you're ready to go swimming!

Lift your leg if you want to go too!

And now he's sleeping...

As is she!

Who's pretty silly over there, Dallas?

Hey, hey you, are you ready to go swimming yet?

Hey, how do you sit up like that all by yourself?

Ok, stop with the pictures and put me in that pool!! 

Yummy, pool toy.


Mommy and her little Monkey:)

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