Sunday, February 20, 2011

8 Month Updates

So, now that I got a few craft posts in, I am taking the time to finally write about what Dallas has been busy doing.

Dallas turned eight months old on January 14th.
Not long after that, he started crawling on all fours.  He had been crawling "army style" for a while, but finally on January 18th, he got up on his hands and knees and gave it a go.  He hasn't stopped or slowed down since and he actually has been getting faster and faster when he sees something in his path that he REALLY wants:)  He is truly a little boy, each and every day he keeps us on our toes.  We love it!

This is not the best video we have of his army crawl, but it's still cute:

Same pajamas, different day.  Now he knows how to crawl!:
On January 20th, Dallas realized that he can pull up on things.  I was at my mom's house for a visit and he was playing with a toy in her living room, I walked into the kitchen just a few steps away and when I looked back at him over my shoulder, he was standing there holding onto the couch.  I didn't get a picture of it that day, but here are some other places he likes to pull up and get into trouble:)

January 26th

February 1st

February 3rd

February 6th - Super Bowl Party at our house...GO PACKERS!!!

February 8th - waiting at the doctor for his 9 month checkup.  His stats: weight 20lb 8oz, height 28 inches

Then he must have decided that all this crawling and pulling up was SO tiring that he wanted to sleep through the night...that's right, mama's been getting a full night's sleep since January 22nd and boy does it feel great.  Only 9 months, 8 days, 5 hours, and 3 minutes after his birth, Dallas is sleeping through the night, but who's counting? Sure we have had a few tough nights of him either teething, having a bit of a cold, or myself waking up to make sure he is still breathing in between, but overall he sleeps a straight 11+ hours each night.

I should give him some credit, he has always been a great sleeper, only getting up 2 times a night maximum since he was born!

I may have not taken him this long to figure out how to sleep through the night for a few reasons.
1.  I am a very light sleeper, so each peep I hear I used to get up and go in his room to make sure he was okay.  I'm sure that woke him up.  Now I have two fans and a sound machine going at night to keep me from waking up.
2.  Being a stay-at-home-mom and knowing in the back of my head that I CAN take a nap during the day when Dallas naps makes it a little easier to give in and give him a bottle in the middle of the night or rock him if he does wake up.
3.  Since he has become mobile, I started to cherish those middle of the night meetings we would have and to be honest, I miss them more and more each day.  The only way he likes to cuddle these days is if I have a bottle for him or if he is asleep.  Is it bad that I think about going in there at 11pm just to pick him up and cuddle with him??  No, I haven't actually done it...YET!

January was the first time Dallas sat in snow, ever, in his life, here, in Wisconsin, land of the snow (we are currently getting poured on as I write this..can you tell I'm REALLY excited about that?? Yeah, I sure am...blah.

Watching the cars go by

Kind of happy about the snow idea...

Maybe not so happy the snow the "evil eye"

Going for it

Okay, that's pretty cold!
February 6th was the day Dallas completed his own art/craft project, with some help from mama and dad!
Here is what we did:

And the final drafts are now proudly displayed in his room:

The next big milestone:  Dallas's first tooth!!  That's right, 8.5 months old and our little monkey got his very first tooth, the bottom left one.  This happened the day Michael got home from training in Pennsylvania, February 4th.  Which was followed by tooth number 2 on February 8th.

So, that's what our little monkey was up to!

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