Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quick and Easy Valentine

Tomorrow is a Hallmark holiday, the day of love, Cupid's day, it's...Valentine's day!!  I don't think we should only use days like this to proclaim our love for others (that should be done but also to show our appreciation for the special people in our lives.  Sometimes we forget that it's the little things that count.

It's saying thank you to that daycare provider who let you have a break by watching your kids.

It's reminding your child's teacher that you admire her strength when dealing with a room full of crazy kids.

It's telling your friend/neighbor/relative that you think of them more often than they know.

It's making someone smile.

It's eating tons of these (I only like the white ones!):

So, while I don't go crazy on this holiday by buying gifts for my husband and kids, I do like to do a little something for those extra special people in my life and in my children's lives.  So, we have simple Valentine's made for Dallas's class at the YMCA tomorrow and we have little treats for Liam's teachers in the "Kids Corner" (the drop in daycare center at the Y too).  I also have little gift bags I put together for our kids, thanks to the dollar spot at Target!

Here is one project we did that was quick, easy, cute, inexpensive and creative!  The kids made these for their Grandparents.  **Ahem, if you are one of those...please stop reading this now or you'll ruin the surprise that may be waiting in your mailbox!!

I'm sure you've seen a craft like this floating around on Facebook, this is how we made ours.

First you fold a piece of paper in half and trace your child's hand print:

Then you cut out the hand print, leaving the folded part with the thumb and pointer finger attached:

Cut out a heart in between those two fingers (no picture of this) and open the hands:

Take some bakers twine (mine was leftover from Christmas, the color is called sweetheart and it's red, white and pink):

Use a glue stick to attach the twine:

Add a message to the front and inside and you're done:

I used a few different messages on the inside.  Here are my ideas: 

~Ten little fingers isn't enough to count the many reasons why I love you.

~You make my heart happy. (Used the cutout heart area for the word "heart")

~Happy Valentine's Day. I love you (again, using the heart shape instead of the word "heart")

Then I had Dallas sign the right hand inside and I signed Liam's name for him on his Valentine's.  This was a fun craft.  I had all the supplies and it took about 15 minutes total.  I hope the Grandparents like them!! 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope you have a day filled with more love than usual and don't forget to make it a great day for someone special! 

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