Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The easiest DIY on the planet!

If you have visited my house anytime in the past 12 months, you would have seen this when you walked into our guest bathroom, which is really our children's bathroom:

That's right, two doggie booties and pictures of strangers.
Upside down strangers at that.

Back story: about a year ago I updated this bathroom because we started the process of putting a true guest bath in our basement.  Everything that was in this bath was going to be used down there.  My boys and I went to Target and picked out some cute new bathroom accessories.  We went with an underwater theme. Then I went to Gordmans and picked up these two cute frames.  You know I went with chevron, anyone could have guessed that I'm sure! 

Fast forward to last week and I FINALLY updated the frames.  Hey, somethings take time.  And time is not something I have a lot of, plus it helps me to really commit to an idea.  That or I just totally got used to those strangers starring at us.  I kind of felt like they were now part of our family.  I used my cricut, some black self adhesive vinyl, cut out the words splish and splash and put them on each of the frames.  I added a couple pictures of my boys playing in the tub and voila, this project was checked off my list.  

I did have one little mishap though.  A few hours after I finished this I walked into the bathroom to find all of the letters on the floor!  Sad face.  So I just grabbed my mod podge, stuck the letters back on and put a thin coat of the mod podge over the top.  I thought that the moisture from the bathroom would have eventually done this.  I just didn't know that eventually meant 3 hours later after no one had even taken a bath or shower!  It's been a few days and the letters are holding on strong.  Mission complete! 

Total cost for this project: $0...boom! 

Now, this is the view: 

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