Thursday, October 21, 2010

July 14th to August 14th (month #3)

Since July 14th when we finished with our last update Dallas has been growing "like a weed" (as they say babies do!).  Who are "they" by the way?? 

We took some great pictures of our "little man", as we have come to call him, after his bath on the day after he turned 2 months, here they are:
 Still working on making his neck muscles strong

Where's Mama with that camera?

There she is!  (One of our favorites!)

Look at the cute booty!  I have a feeling some girlfriend will be seeing these in the far, far, far, future!
Also on July 15th Dallas tried out his crib for the first time, but he didn't sleep in there just yet.
Looking around at the sports theme bedding his Daddy picked out for him

See, the same night, now in the bassinet:)

So peaceful!
July 15th Dallas slept through the night for the first time (9:40pm to 3:40am)
Since he was sleeping so well, we decided to put him in his crib on the night of July 18th (yes, just 4 short days after we set him in there to look around for the first time).  Alyssa must have checked on him about 50 times that night to make sure he was okay, and he was.  He slept from 9pm to 3:30am, had a bottle and went back to sleep at 4am until 8:00!  He's been sleeping through the night, in his crib ever since...naps in there came later on since he wasn't really on a schedule and he still loved to sleep in his swing SO much.
July 17th was a BIG day for Dallas...

Can you guess what he was doing from these pictures?  Which were taken after his first trip to the Farmer's Market (sorry, we didn't take any pictures there).

Still don't know??
Maybe this video will be more helpful...

That's right, just a little over two months old and our little man figured out how to roll from his belly to back in both directions.  This is when we realized how fast he really was growing...
July 20th, Dallas had his 2 month checkup.  Weight 12lb. 12 oz, 23 inches long, and his head circumference was 40cm.

We were still on the bath every night routine (which we started very early on) helping him sleep better at night.  Why change something that was making everyone happy:)
Yes, she JUMPED in the tub...we didn't put her in there...she's crazy, we know!
July 21st, Dallas enjoyed a nice walk to Kohl's to do a little shopping with the girls; Mom, Auntie Katie, and Ella.  Little did he know this was just one of the many, many shopping trips he'd be going on.

July 22nd, Dallas learned how to grasp onto his toy.  The soccer ball he's holding has become one of his favorite toys. 
Future soccer player??  Maybe so!!
July 23rd...looking at the Internet with Daddy (I bet they are checking the football scores!) and some more bath time photos...we can't help ourselves, he's just SO cute!

July 25th, we took Dallas to the park for the first time.  These pictures were taken at Plamann Park in Appleton.

July 27th, Dallas learned how to hold onto his toys that hang from his bouncy seat!  That's hard to do when they are always moving.

With his left hand....

and his right! 
He seems to do a lot with his left hand first, maybe he'll be a lefty just like his mama and daddy!  (And Grandma too!)
July 28th while Mama was getting a little workout in Dallas slept on the couch for the first time, yes on his belly, that was the first and only time it happened (until he could roll over on his own).  He was only like this for a couple minutes with Mom in the room.

Someone thought he looked lonely:(

And then another thought they looked lonely!
August 1st...Dallas trying out his Jumperoo for the first time.  (He was still a little too small for it.)
August 4th: Tummy time with Daddy!

That's about it for that month...yes we've only gone until August 1st and not all the way to August 14th, when he turned 3 months...but there's more to come, don't worry!

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