Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've heard of Christmas in July, but Halloween in January?? What?

So, I have to admit...these pictures of the babies together were just recently JANUARY!!

Yes, that's right, I said January!! The reason for the celebration of all things candy three months after the actual holiday?  Well, as I mentioned here, Halloween was spent at the Christmas outfits.  I guess that's just what you do on Halloween, right?

Maybe not, but that's what we (myself, my sister, my mom, my son, and my niece) did.
My mom decided to come up to Appleton and go to lunch with her daughters and grand kids and then shop for Christmas outfits that she so graciously offered to buy for them.  I'm pretty sure if anything involves shopping, my mom is there...I wonder where I get it from??  :)

So, I decided that since Dallas's costume wasn't too uncomfortable, he should wear it all day...why not?!!?  Get more use out of it that way anyhow, right??  So I dressed him up in his cute little, glow in the dark, skeleton costume and trekked over to the mall to meet my awaiting family members, yes, I'm always late, they were waiting for me, it's no surprise to them anymore, trust me!  (A trait of mine that my husband hates, that I get from my dad, oh well.  I just say, life happens.)

So, I also mentioned in the previous post that I couldn't find the picture I took of the babies at the mall, well here is that one, yes it's worse quality than my regular pictures, I was using my old phone, which wasn't made for great picture taking:

Ella dressed in her Happy Halloween onesie and trying to reach Dallas's toys, of course!!  And Dallas hanging out as a-not-so-scary-skeleton (yes I borrowed that title from Mickey Mouse, for those of you who know your Disney titles!)

And here are the ones that I just took, two days ago:

Dallas fascinated with the butterfly's wings

Hey, Ella, if I flap these really fast for you, you might be able to fly!

That's it, quit touching my wings!

What?  I'm SO over this photo shoot, Auntie!

Is it just me or does Dallas look pretty devilish in this picture??

I think she's had just about enough...

My little skeleton, so sweet!

The original plan was for Dallas and I to go to my sister's house after the mall to go trick-or-treating, but Dallas's nap schedule didn't allow and after all that shopping you can't blame the little man, he is his father's son after all and a few hours of shopping makes most men crazy, wouldn't you agree?  So, I put this off until this week and finally got to cross it off my list, wahoo!


  1. Adorable!! And I am following you back!

  2. Thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours now too! You should check out my giveaway -- vinyl words! :) $15 gift card.

    These pictures are too cute, I love it. You have some adorable children :)

  3. Thanks Michelle and Sarah....the little girl, Ella, is actually my niece. I know I didn't make that clear in this post:) Sorry!

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