Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Less mess = less stress

Wow!  I can't believe that it's been two weeks since my last post.  I recently started something new that I'm excited to blog about, but today I'm writing a helpful post.

It's no secret that I like a clean house.  I like everything to have a place and everything in that place.  It's also no secret that sometimes I can't find something or the placed it belongs and that's my own fault.  I organize so well that even I can't find things.  Oh well, life goes on right?  Or you just buy a replacement item!  So, today I want to share a few things I do each day to make my house cleaner and to keep things organized.  I do these things once or twice a day and it makes my life easier.  Less mess, less stress.  That's my motto!

1.  I pick up everything around the house that is out of place.  I do this before I go to bed at night and while my kids are taking a nap in the afternoon. We live in a ranch style home, so we have a long house.  I start at one end and just go room by room.  If something is in a room where it doesn't belong, I will take it directly to where it does belong. I know some people will carry a laundry basket around with them and fill that up, then empty it as they go.  Our house isn't that big, so I just move the stuff as I go:)

2.  I (try) to empty the dishwasher once a day if the dishes are clean.  Once it is empty, I load dishes as we use them.

3.  I always make our beds.  There is something about a freshly made bed that makes a room feel clean.  My boys just sleep with blankets so I just drape those over the sides of their beds so they are easily found when it's nap or bedtime.

4.  Laundry.  This is not something I do each day, but I wanted to share this here.  I do laundry on Sundays. Or I at least start it on Sunday, sometimes I'll have one lingering load in the dryer for a few days, but that is what the "freshen up" cycle is for.  And yes, I do use it multiple times on one load sometimes.  I can't be on top of everything all. the. time.

So, that's it.  Such simple things that can take just 10-15 minutes, but they make a big impact on your life.  I don't always have a super clean house, but when I do, it makes me happy.  I may have piles of papers to go though, but that doesn't bother me for some reason...logical? no. but I'm okay with that!

What do you do to keep your house in order?  Do you have daily chores?  Do you just save up all the mess for one day and clean it then?  And just for fun, this is SO me!

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