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Random Act of Kindness.  It's a simple concept really, but to so many it seems difficult to grasp.  I'm not writing this to toot my own horn.  I'm writing this to share ideas and to ask for new ones.  You may recall me writing about this here.

I have heard so many sad stories.  Partly because I choose to follow so many on Facebook with the hope that the story will have the happy ending it deserves. Partly because they are on the news.  My heart breaks when I hear those stories and it reminds me to take the time to hug my kids just one more time and tell my family I love them each day.  It also reminds me that life is precious.  It can be short.  Too short.  But it can be worth it.  Oh SO SO SO worth it.

These stories have taught me that some things are not meant to be held on to.  Letting go of little things can make you much happier.  If someone made you angry, find it in your heart to forgive.  You may never know when it will be their last day (or your last day), which is upsetting to think about, but unfortunately true.  So, I'm sharing a few of the random acts I have performed and why.

First, let's start with the why.  I heard a story about a mother and son who's lives were taken too soon.  I also heard the story of a little boy who was in a tragic accident.  Because of those two little boys I decided to find a way to give back to children.  So, I set out to collect PJ's from parents who no longer needed them. I heard of an organization called Bennison.  Bennison collects pajamas and sends them to other counties in order to help regulate the body temperature of children who may be at risk of death.  These are countries with high rates of poverty and malnutrition. There is so much more information about Bennison here on their blog.  And here on their website.  I collected so many pairs of pajama's and I donated some of our own.  I also stopped in at Goodwill and picked up a few pairs there.  I sent two boxes of PJ's to the organization and was contacted right after they got them with a loving note of thanks.  I was even reimbursed for shipping!  It seriously cost me a little bit of time and a small amount of effort and I made a difference.  I know it won't bring back those two little boys, but it made me smile that their stories inspired me to give.  It's one of the easiest things I have ever done and it made my heart full of love for the little children I was helping.

As for the mom I talked about, I wanted to find a woman and make her smile.  So, while I was at the drive-thru of Starbucks one day, I offered to pay for the car behind me.  It was a women, about the same age as me.  The Barista said, "she ordered a venti coffee and two refreshers, the total is like $12 do you want to pay for all of it or just one drink?"  Without hesitating I said, "the whole thing."  The Barista was so surprised. I thought that maybe people aren't willing to pay for a $12 order, but what's $12?  I can spend that on one item I don't really need or I can (hopefully) make someones day.  The Barista thanked me again and said I was so nice and he thought that was "so cool" that I paid for her full order.  It's just $12!  I hope I made her day a little brighter, I know it made mine great!

Finally, I wanted to do something nice for someone who is doing something nice (to put it mildly) for me.  I wanted to find someone in the military and give back a little something to them. I knew this wasn't going to even come close to the sacrifices that they are making for me and my freedom, but it was a small gesture to let them know I was thinking of them and I appreciated them. So, I put a post on Facebook to ask if anyone knew of anyone overseas in the military who may need anything.  It turned out that a friend of mine is currently over there.  I messaged her to ask what some things are that she needed.  I boxed up some goodies and sent them her way.  I hope she got them and is enjoying them and maybe she even shared with her fellow soldiers!  I completely support our troops.  After all, if it weren't for the Navy, I would have never met my sailor:)  You have to be the least selfish type of person to join the military in my opinion.  That is a special type of person and there should be more people out there like that.  One thing I know for sure is that I know I don't have that much courage...

I'm also currently running a special for Younique where all week 10% of my sales will be donated to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This cause hits close to home for me, which is why I chose it.  I will pick a different charity next month and every month after, for as long as I'm selling Younique to donate to.  This makes it easy for others to give and it is just another way I can show my support to find a cure.

What is your favorite way to give back?  What is something you think everyone can benefit from doing? What are some suggestions for other ways I can help others, randomly or not?  Please share in the comments below!

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