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I started a new journey and since I try to put 100% into everything in life I am learning how to juggle it all! That's why the blog has been taking a backseat lately (well, that and the fact that I have a gigantic birthday party in the works for two pretty important little dudes!).  I am on a mission with Younique and I am really looking forward to achieving some new goals I have set.  So, today, I'm going to share my experience so far. I'm going to tell you about the company, tell you my goals, brag about my accomplishments and open this up for discussion so I can answer any other questions you may have.  If you are friends with me on Facebook, then chances are you know a lot of the answers to these questions already.  But I want my blog to be a place to share my journey from the start, so this is not only going to help me remember where I started, but it will help me to stay on track and continue to blow this thing out of the water!  Thanks for following, thanks for listening, most of all thanks for supporting me!

What IS Younique?  

It is a naturally based cosmetics and skin care company.  It is home to the #1 best selling, famous 3D Fiber Lashes.  These are NOT fake lashes, they are made from green tea and go on just like mascara.  This company started in October of 2012 and it is growing like crazy!  May 1st, the company had a ONE MILLION DOLLAR day!  The first ever for them, so that was big news.  I'm so happy I was a part of that day.  Younique is geared towards online sales and marketing, using mostly social media.  The parties are all done online.  You can host them in your home, but the idea is to make shopping available all the time.  So, whether you are hosting a party, buying product, or selling Younique, you can play & "work" anytime, anywhere.

Who sells Younique?

Anyone and everyone SHOULD sell Younique!  I sell it because it is all online as I mentioned above.  I have two little kids (as you know) and I stay home with them.  I didn't want to sell something that required me to get a sitter, pack up a car full of stuff and head out of the house.  Not to mention I would have to set up a demonstration, require a hostesses to make food and clean their house, talk for an hour, then try to get sales face to face.  This would take away time from my kids but it would also cost me money.  The idea is for me to MAKE money:)  

What do you get if you choose to host a  party?

Rewards for hostesses start at $200 in sales.  At that point you earn one 1/2 off item and 10% of your sales in Ycash.  Ycash can then be used to purchase products from the site!  The rewards just go up from there. It's easy to get to that $200 mark if you share with your friends and especially if you've tried the product and can tell people how much you love it!

What do you get if you choose to become a Younique presenter?

You get an awesome case full of great products!  You get your own set of the mascara, a few brushes, all of the pigments, all of the blush colors and all of the concealers!  You also get to join a community of awesome ladies who are always there to help you.  You can join groups on FB where you get to see first hand before and after pictures to share with your friends/family/hostesses/etc.  You will have a chance to earn trips and you have the potential to make lots of cash! The kit looks a little something like this:

What are the best products to try if you are new to Younique?

The best products would be everything included in the "Perfect Start" collection.  This way you get to try the a foundation and a concealer or a blush, a few pigments, a mascara and a lip gloss.  You'll get to try a few "color items" plus a few every day essentials.  If you want to jump in and try everything, you could go with the "Want It All" collection.  The name says it all!  In this collection you get a little of everything.  Color items, creams, moisturizer, primer, foundations, etc.  You name it, it's there!  Both are pictured below.

What if you don't "love it"?

We have a "love it" guarantee that makes buying the products easy and worry-free.  Since this is all online and unless you know someone who has the product at home, it isn't possible for you to try it before you buy it.  However, because of that same reason, Younique HAS to have the best products or they would already be out of business! Here are the exact details about how they insure you'll love it or you how they will try to make you happy:

What are my favorite products?

So far I love the lashes, that sounds so cliche, I know!  The lip gloss is a great go-to item for every day.  I am picky with any lip product and this one is NOT sticky and it stays on for a decent amount of time.  I've heard great things about the BB Cream, Brilliant and Glorious.  I haven't even tried any of them, but they are on order and I can't wait to report back with my honest opinion.  Oh, and I joined immediately after I tried the mascara and lip gloss, so that should say something...two products in and I was ready to take the plunge! 

What are my goals for this new venture and what goals have I already reached with Younique??

My biggest goal is to hit my fast start THIS MONTH!!  Fast start is to reach "pink status" in three months or less, but I'm really trying hard to reach it in ONE MONTH!  Ah!  I told you, big goals.  I'm on track to get there.  I just need to wrap it up.  I have only been selling Younique since April 23rd, so that's less than three weeks ago and I am currently sitting pretty as a "yellow" level presenter, half way to Pink!  I'll get there, I just know it!

Want to learn more about Younique?  Ask below in the comments or message me on Facebook.  Want to join my team?  Send me a message and I'll help get you all set up!  Just want to earn free products?  Host a party today, just tell me and I'll set it all up.  I do all the work, you have all the fun shopping for free!!!

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