Friday, October 22, 2010

August 14th: Monkey and The Bean have a sleepover

Little Man, Handsome, Monkey, Big Man on Campus, Sweet Love, Mama's Love, etc.
these are all nicknames we have stumbled upon for Dallas.  Michael came up with little man, we both always call him handsome, Katie always used to say, in a sing-song tone, to Ella "Big Girl on Campus" which in turn made Alyssa start saying "Big Man on Campus" to Dallas.  And the rest just came out of thin air.  This must be something all parents do, and with so many nicknames, how does a child learn their own?  

They sure must be smart because in time they just do:) 

As for Ella, she somehow got the nickname Ella Bean when she was still in the hospital.  Katie thinks it's because she looked like a burrito...a bean burrito that is, when swaddled:
then the Ella part got left out and Alyssa just started calling her "the bean" when she would ask Katie for updates.

These pictures are from the morning after the sleepover:
First, they had breakfast...

Then Ella showed us how she likes to eat her feet...

Then, she kissed Dallas and tried to hide it from us!
(foot-eating breath and all, ew!)

They fought over some toys, 

Played with the puppies

And finally, posed for some pictures.

Then Ella decided to call for her ride and go home to her mom and dad, who hopefully got some rest after their night out on the town.

~Thanks for playing Ella Bean, I had fun turning 3 months while you were visiting, come again soon.
Love, Dallas

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