Thursday, October 21, 2010

OK comes to WI

One August 8th, Michael's family (Carla- his mom, Aunt Kelly, and Cousin Candace) arrived at our house after the long 13 hour drive up here:)  We were so happy to see them, although Alyssa wasn't able to stay awake any longer so she had to hit the sack at about 10pm...they got here shortly after. 

Most of the time they spent here was just hanging out at our house, doing A LOT of cooking...well Carla did most of that since Michael demanded she make some of his favorite meals. 

We did go on a short shopping trip to the Outlet Mall in Oshkosh, where I think everyone found a little something for themselves:)

Enjoy these pictures from their stay.

Michael and Candace
Candace and Gabbana...both dogs LOVED her! 
Gam, as Dallas will call her (Carla, Michael's mom) giving Dallas kisses:)

Candace, Carla, Michael and Dallas, and Kelly 
Carla and Dallas hanging out!

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