Monday, January 27, 2014

Meal Plan Monday #2

Last week worked out perfectly with our meals, so today I am sharing what I thought about each dinner and our plan for this week!

To refresh your memory, here is the post with the menu from last week.

The Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches were very good.  The recipe called for cheese, but we didn't think that was necessary.  My husband and I had one small sandwich without cheese and one small sandwich with cheese.  We both agreed, it was better without.  Saving on the calories doesn't hurt either :)

The Venison Tacos are something we have had before, although we didn't have lettuce in the house...they would have been better with lettuce!

We moved things around a little bit and had the Bisquick Chicken on Saturday.  That worked out great because we had family over and it made plenty for them and we all agreed, they were tasty!

And finally, the Chicken and Potatoes were SO good.  This is my new go-to meal.  It was so easy, so yummy, and so easy to clean up.  All three together in one meal?  #winning

Here is the plan for this week.  We are having some easy meals this week and two nights of leftovers because I know Tuesday, Friday and Saturday's meals will make a large amount.

Here are the recipes for the pot roast, the frozen meal, (I have the scalloped potatoes and ham) and the honey lime chicken.

What's on your menu for the week?  Can we come over for dinner?!

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