Friday, April 11, 2014

My Boys

This may not be the type of post you'd expect from me, but it's something that is important to me to document, so I am.  After all, this blog isn't just for my readers (how few of them I have anyway) it's also a chance for me to document some great moments in our family.

Dallas and Liam have done a little bit of "modeling".  They have profiles with a free agency out of Green Bay, WI and they have booked several jobs with Shopko.  In fact, Liam is currently on the front page for the baby items.  Between the two of them, they have been in about 10 ads.  I'm proud of them!  They love hamming it up for the camera and although sometimes it takes awhile for the photographers to get "the shot", it happens and they look super cute each time.  Dallas loves to get the ad and look through it to find himself or his brother and Liam, well he just thinks it's some other fun thing that we do and I'm okay with that.  If at any time they seem like they aren't that into it, we will stop.  I will never pressure my kids to do anything they don't want to do, even if it's something I want to live vicariously through them while they do it.  

So, the other day I got an email from the company mentioning that we should update their profiles pictures.  I took the boys outside and snapped a few photos of them and here are the results.  I am posting these here because I don't want to forget this age.  They are almost 4 and almost 2 and they are boys from head to toe. These are straight out of my camera, not edited.  But they show their personalities and I love that.  

First, Liam (because in life his oldest bro gets to do everything first, so today it's Liam's turn!) Liam has little red spots on his face from drooling due to teething and chewing on everything.  He has a silly smile and he is so busy all the time.  He wants to do everything his brother does, so Dallas is the one making him laugh in these pictures or making him look at the camera.  Liam is super strong and something I don't think he knows his own strength!  We say he will be the one in sports and will be the first one in the emergency room with a broken bone, that better not happen for another 18 years though!  I have a feeling he will push the limits in life, whether or not they are meant to be pushed.  He is going to be successful at so much, I just know it.  He is stubborn and wants what he wants right. now.  He likes to climb and jump and run.  He loves to be outside and his absolute favorite thing is to swing.

Now, on to Dallas.  He is smart and kind.  He has a big heart and always cares about other people.  He helps me out around the house whenever I ask.  He is organized and he likes things to be just so.  He gets a little to rough with his brother at times, but he notices quickly when that happens and is even quicker to apologize.  He is a gentle soul with a lot of love to give and I think he's going to do some big things in this world.  I think he will make an impact on people's lives.  He remind me to slow down and enjoy life's little treasures.  That we don't always have to rush through this life at  lightning fast speed.  We are pretty sure he's going to excel in school and learning will come easy to him.  

I love these two boys and I'm so thankful to be their mom.  I'm lucky to have them, impatient at times, learning each day, and find myself loving them more and more even when I thought that wasn't possible. Being a mom is the. greatest. gift. ever.  Okay, enough with the sappy-talk! 

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