Monday, April 7, 2014

Swoon worthy #2

So waaaay back in March :) I started a series called Swoon worthy.  Don't remember it?  Click here.

Today I'm back with the second installment of this series, so I guess that means this is officially a series!


So, let's get this party stated, shall we?

1.  Last time I mentioned the Nike Fuel Band, well I found something a bit more affordable and I actually got to see this one in action, in person.  A teacher at the YMCA was wearing it one day and it caught my eye, I asked her about it, she let me see it and told me how to use it in literally 2 minutes.  So easy!  So I started hunting and found one online I'm planning to purchase next week!  I know last time I said I don't usually pull the trigger on such expensive items but I have good reason this time.  The last few times I ran, my phone died.  I have the Runtastic app on my phone and I use that in conjunction with music.  Well, about 15-20 minutes into the run, my phone died.  And not just once, every time (ok, so it was about 3 times, but still!) Talk about frustrating!  I know I have a short battery life, but I'm holding out until my upgrade to get a new phone.  So, here's what I'm swooning over and excited to purchase.  Oh, and I'm sure if you know me, you'll assume that I'll be getting the awesome teal colored band, and you would be correct. I'm also thinking that bright pink band will be fun in the future, if I use this a lot and want to switch it up sometimes.! So, I guess this awesome product will be doubling as a fashion accessory?  Fine by me!

2. This shirt had me at "you're"!  I love it, it's funny and it's from my new favorite tee shirt company.  I need some fun new comfy tees since that pretty much what I live in year round.  Skreened has super soft shirts that make you feel like you are in your pajamas all day. This link is not for the exact shirt I found the first time I did a search, but it's close.  You can actually create your one shirt on their site, which I think is great.  They have amazing customer service, which is ALWAYS a plus in my book.

3. Okay, so the next item isn't for me.  It's for my kids.  They always wear my glasses and Dallas has asked (more than 10 times) if he can have his own pair of glasses.  Wouldn't these look SO cute on him?  If you said no, you are not right!  Liam also tries to wear my glasses and he has bent them the wrong way on numerous occasions, so at this price I think a pair for each kid is in order.  I also think a little photo shoot with books books and more books, a cute button up sweater and these glasses would be perfection.

4. This is nerdy.  But this is true life people.  I have been looking for a cursive font cartridge for my Cricut machine for a while now.  I think this is as close as I will get....

5.  Finally I am loving this.  My closet will be getting a makeover in a few months and I am hoping I can recreate something like this for it.  I don't wear a lot of jewelry these days, since my kids think it's fun to pull on it when I do.  So, I have paired down on a lot of what I have and this organization system would work great for me.  I like that it looks rustic too, so maybe I'll try my hand at distressing something!  I'll share all the details (if it turns out!)

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